STUDIO 721 Policies


Booking Reservation

Studio 721 requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the booking price to reserve   studio(s). Once your deposit is secured, our sale representees will book your request on to hold the client’s date and time and a “Confirmation of Booking” will be sent to the client by text and email. The balance will be due up on before the start of session.



Cancellations and Date/Time Changes

The client can change the date of his/her booking up unto 7 days before their reserved date. 6 days or earlier of the client’s reservation date the date of the booking is locked in and can not be changed. The start time of the booking can be changed up unto 24 hours before the booking, limited to availability. If the client takes possession of any studio before the reserved time, the client is responsible for paying for that time used. The time paid for starts and ends at the times reserved, not the time of arrival or early departure. Clients are also responsible for any over hours. If a client ends early, the booking will NOT be discounted to time used, the full amount of the reserved time is due as well as any overages.





Deposits paid to Studio 721 are NON-REFUNDABLE unless certain parts of the agreement calls for a deposit refund and that refund will be no higher than three percent of the balance due. Studio 721 requires a deposit from all clients wishing to rent out the facility. To reserve a date and time, a deposit of 50% of the studio rate is required.






Equipment Rental

Studio 721 do not include lighting and other props along with the studio rental rate, if we included lighting in the studio costs. We rent to the client only what is required for their production. Studio 721 follows some of the guide lines of other studios in our market and that is, all of our equipment and props are rental items and can be added to booking on availability. Each client may have their own special creative needs and may prefer a special lighting package and bring their own or request certain lighting packages and props which if Studio 721 does not have on site we will assist our client in obtaining those items.





If the client happens runs over the time they booked, the price for each hour is based on the hourly rate for that studio. Overtime is subject to availability. Payment for the use of any and all equipment rented from Studio 721 at the time of the booking.


Wall Floor Conditions

Studio 721 studio floors come as is. If the client’s production desires fresh paint applied to our studio, a charge for the price of the paint is applied. Prices are listed below. Our maintenance team keeps our floors at the highest level and in most cases you would not need a fresh coat unless you want an absolutely beyond white or black floor,the white floor are painted regularly.


Studio 1 fresh white – $65

Studio 1 fresh black – $70/Studio Green fresh Chroma Key Green – $150


In case the client vehicle is driven onto studio floors wall floors, a charge of $50 is applied for  painting over any tire marks.




Studio Cleanliness and Damage

The client accepts responsibility for any and all damage to the floors, walls, equipment, fixtures, couches, chairs, props and anything housed or attached on or inside the studios during the time of their renting of the Studio. The client is responsible for REPLACEMENT OF ANY and all EQUIPMENT DAMAGED or MISSING.


The client is responsible for returning the studio to the same condition as it was at the beginning of their usage or their rental. At all times it is Studio 721 responsibility to maintain the condition of the floors and walls after the client’s booking has ended. If there is any trash belonging to the client after his or her session, it is to be placed in trash cans provided by our staff for the client use.


A $250 excessive clean up fee will be applied to the client’s INVOICE if the studio is not returned to an acceptable condition.




Possession of the Studio Areas

The client is responsible for payment of any of the studio areas (dressing rooms, other studio areas not booked) that he/she USES but was not RESERVED in the original booking.




No smoking unless it's part of the shoot OR pre-approved by US!

No adult filming, NO pets if not included in production.


Studio  721

1500 Farmer Road

Suite: G-1

Conyers, Georgia 30012



Studio hours Available (24/7)


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